Del Monte Italian Cup: LEDbox to reduce downtime

In the semi-finals and in the final of the Del Monte Italian Cup, the Italian Volleyball League experimented with the LEDbox, the measurement of the seconds between the end of the action and the whistle that authorizes the next service.

It has been a long time since the Italian Volleyball League has led a battle for the reduction of downtime at the end of the game action, which has lengthened a lot in the last twenty years and due to the excessive duration of the matches.

LEDbox: new debut in the Superlega

The Italian Volleyball Superlega adopted with enthusiasm the LEDbox, which will be present in all areas of the men's volleyball Superlega. This device is useful for displaying the score that can be seen in bright colors, attractive graphics and excellent resolution, characteristic features of the product. Thanks to the LEDbox, the management of the training sessions will be simpler and more precise, for the sequences of stretching exercises and their timing, for the wash drills exercises and finally for the recording of scores in friendly matches. All this is possible thanks to the App available on Play Store that allows full management of the device by the coach and any staff member.

LEDbox: debut in the Italian Serie A1 Female Volleyball Championship

The innovative LEDbox is now present in the Serie A1 Female Volleyball Championship. Thanks to multi-functions, ease of use and graphics, it is essential for matches and training.

TECH4SPORT: the new Emilio Spirito's Innovative Startup was born

TECH4SPORT was born following the thrust and enthusiasm of Emilio Spirito. This new Innovative Startup was born from the idea of the founder of Data Project SrL, a company that took different market leaderships in the field of technology applied to sport, especially Volleyball. The first goal will be to develop and distribute the LEDbox, a color table LED display, multi-functions and multi-sports that replaces the old Data Project's Litescore, no longer in production.

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